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Natural Water Birth Video

| Sunday, January 3, 2010
Liz Adianti became the first Indonesian woman who did water birth process. The water birth process can reduce pain. It does on the small swimming. The swimming is like a giant tire. Two meters in diameter that could hold water with the height not more than half a meter. It made of plastic with colorful pictures of animals on its wall.

Water birth method is still new in Indonesia. In fact, it was long known in Europe, especially in Russia as the first country to introduce. Russian mothers believe that gave birth while bathing in the water can reduce pain. They can undergo childbirth with a comfortable feeling and relax.

There is a growing psychological pressures complicate the process childbirth. Usually the doctor then offering a deduction method sense labor pain with medical actions (using Pethidin, Intrathecal Labor Analgesia, or Epudural) or non-medical (technical relaxation, hypnosis, breathing techniques, homeopathy, or acupuncture). The shortcut is often chosen: in the operating room to undergo cesarean delivery.

It reduce pain. Under water, the vaginal muscles become more supple and elastic. So it can reduce pain. Technically, the delivery of the water is not really different with normal delivery. Only the process are conducted in in the water.

In the womb, the baby also live in the amniotic fluid water. During that baby get oxygen from the mother through from umbilical cord. Channeling oxygen is not broken at the time the baby out of the womb into the in the water. If the cord is still connected to the mother, baby still receiving oxygen from the mother. What should be
note is to keep the baby not to cry. Because when he cried, that's when the baby took his first breath.

How? Make your pool water temperature equal to the fluid in the womb. Different temperatures are a major cause that stimulates the baby to cry. Rupture of the cord that connects the baby with the mother also trigger a baby to cry. This success, making some women follow Liz. However, not all can granted. They whose only have a 50 percent chance for normal childbirth can not use this method. So did the women who have complications of disease such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and herpes.

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